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ThoraxTrainer model with magnetic resistance and patented Teflon rail system that makes ski poles slide smoothly and silently. Including 1 set of ski poles. Suitable for private use and smaller gyms.


ThoraxTrainer is a patented training machine available in two series:
ThoraxTrainer™ HOME primarily for private use.
ThoraxTrainer™ PRO for use in Gyms, clinics and public areas.

The workout resistance can be adjusted from level 1-10.
Transport wheels on the front provides easy maneuvering.

The poles are mounted on a carriage running on a rail system.
The carriages are attached to a magnetic rotary resistance via a string system for a realistic and dynamic experience.

All 3 PRO models are delivered with a package of 3 sets of ski poles, wall rack for ski poles, roll-up ‘Get Started’ and training manuals for instructors/users.

2 year product warranty on the machines incl. computer, 1 year breakage warranty on the poles (3 month warranty on straps and handles).

The ThoraxTrainer™ is developed and produced in Denmark.


​Length: 259 cm
​Height: 36 cm
​Width: 71 cm
​Weight: 32 kg
​Material: Aluminium and Stainless Steel
​Color: Antracite


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